Wyndham Halswelle

Wyndham Halswelle, athlete, Olympic gold medalist
Jimmy Curran first met Wyndham Halswelle in 1901 while both were serving with the Highland Light Infantry during the Second Boer War. Jimmy took over his training and Halswelle won race after race. On returning to Scotland Jimmy found a club for Halswelle and he began to replicate his army successes.

In 1906 he represented Great Britain in the Intercalated Games in Athens, but failed to attain the heights expected of him. His quest for Olympic glory continued in 1908 when he ran at the London Games. In the 400m he eased his way to the final. He faced off against three Americans. 

In the final straight he was, apparently, pushed out wide by one of the runners, who was then disqualified. Officials decided that the race be re-run. The disqualified runners, in support of their colleague, decided to boycott the race.

Halswelle went on to become the only Olympic gold medallist to have won his medal in a walkover.

He was killed by a sniper's bullet during the First World War.